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May 14, 2021

California Driver License Application

California Driver License

If you are a California resident and you wish to drive on public roadways or use public parking facilities, you must obtain a California driver license.

How is residency defined by DMV?

You are considered a California resident if you vote in California elections; if you pay resident tuition at a California university or college; if you file for a homeowner's property tax exemption; or if you receive any benefits that are not normally given to non-residents.

If you are a new resident of California, you must apply for a California driver license within 10 days.

Where do you apply?

You can apply for a driver license at your local DMV office.

Required tests to obtain your California Driver License

  • Vision test
  • Knowledge test
  • Behind-the-wheel test

These tests can be taken at most DMV offices.

California Driver License requirements

You will find all the requirements here:

Driver License application fees

Checklist for Driver license application

Where to find a driving school

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