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May 15, 2021

How to prepare for your DMV written Knowledge Test

DMV written Knowledge Test prepare

Study the DMV Handbook and the DMV Road Signs

Before practicing with our DMV Practice Tests, you should first read the DMV handbook a few times. It contains a lot of information and it might take you a few days to get a good grasp of it.

Also study the Road Signs as some questions on your DMV Knowledge Test might pertain to road signs.

You should study in short-sessions, spread out over time, rather than trying to cram all your study into one big condensed session. Your will memorize the DMV handbook much better that way.

Practice Your DMV Knowledge Test with our Chapter Tests

The DMV official Knowledge Test is a multiple-choice test. Only one answer will be correct and the others will be wrong. All the questions are taken from the DMV Handbook.

You should take our Chapter Tests first. Our Chapter Tests simulate the real test but each question is taken from a specific chapter of the DMV handbook. You can choose which specific chapter you want to work on. Take chapter tests as often as possible until you master that specific chapter and then move on to the next chapter. The best way to memorize the DMV handbook is chapter by chapter.

Some incorrect answers might look very similar to the correct answer so take your time reading the questions and answers carefully. If you answer a question incorrectly, our chapter tests will show you which answer is correct so you understand why you answered the question incorrectly.

Our Chapter Tests questions are similar to the actual test questions and will help you memorize the handbook information one chapter at a time, which is a better learning method than trying to tackle the entire DMV handbook at once.

Practice Your DMV Knowledge Test with our Simulation Tests

When you believe that you have mastered all the chapters of the DMV handbook you can take our Simulation Tests, which replicate the official DMV Knowledge Test. Each simulation test draws questions from every chapter, just like in the real test.

Try taking our Practice Tests without referring to the DMV handbook as you will not have access to any reference material during your official test.

Take our DMV Practice Tests as many times as you need until you are confident and completely ready!

No matter what the official score is for passing your knowledge test, make sure you achieve a consistent score of at least 90% on our Simulation Tests before you make an appointment for your official test.

Book your official DM Knowledge Test

Congratulations! You are ready to pass your official DMV Knowledge Test! You should stop studying the day before the test to allow all the information to sink in. The morning of your test, take a good breakfast and try to relax. You will do just fine.

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