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May 15, 2021

How to pass the DMV written Knowledge Test

DMV written Knowledge Test pass

Start with questions you can answer easily

Chances are you will know the answers to most of the questions if you have studied sufficiently for the test. Don’t get stuck on questions for which you don’t readily know the answers. That would just decrease your self-confidence and increase your stress level. When you face a hard question and the answer doesn’t come readily to you, move onto the next question. You will come back to the hard questions in the next step. It is better to answer all the easy questions first and come back to the harder ones later. You will be more relaxed facing the hard questions if you have already confidently answered most of the questions.

Read the entire question

Take your time and read the entire question instead of rushing. Don’t assume you know what is being asked and jump straight to the answer. Read the questions carefully and then review all the answer options carefully as well. Don’t rush. The incorrect answers might be similar to the correct one, so make sure you understand the nuances between all the answers so you can pick the right one.

Answer the question in your mind first

After reading the question, answer it in your mind first to avoid being influenced by the wrong answers. Some wrong answers might be similar to the correct one and you can talk yourself out the correct answer.

Use the process of elimination

Instead of quickly choosing the answer you think is correct, eliminate the answers that you know for certain are incorrect. That way, even if the question is an easy one for you, you will ensure that your choice is the correct one.

Relax for a minute

Now that you’ve answered all the easy questions, take a 30-second break. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, maybe stretch on your chair a bit, and remind yourself that you have already done a big chunk of the test. There is no need to rush. Taking a short break will clear your head and help you stay fresh during the test.

Tackle the hard questions

Eliminate one answer that you know is incorrect for certain, and then focus on the remaining choices. You can often identify the most obvious incorrect answer by simply paying attention to how the question is worded. Then focus on the remaining answers.

If two answers seem to be equally correct, eliminate the answer that appears to be the least related to the question. You want to choose the best answer for that specific question, not just the correct answer. Both questions can seem to be correct but only one is the right one for that specific question.

Time to trust your instinct or to just guess

If there are a few remaining questions that you really don’t know the answer to, follow your instinct. What was your first thought when you read that question and the answers? Or, try to imagine each one of the answers as the correct one. You might be able to “feel” that some answers are just wrong. This is not an infallible method but it might help.

If you have no reaction one way or the other, then you will just have to guess at the answer. There is no penalty for answering a question incorrectly, so you might as well answer all the questions even if some of them are just a guess. It might give you more points!

Don't expect to know everything

Don’t panic if you don’t know all of the answers. This is perfectly normal. That is why there is a passing score that of less than 100%. You are not expected to know all the answers. Study hard, apply all the tips in our article and you should be just fine!

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